Paying it forward

How often does one think about ‘paying it forward’?  I know I thought it sounded good, but didn’t see how it fit into my life.  I’m considerate of others, give time and money to good causes, contribute positively to those around me which I thought was good enough.  Now I think differently and let me tell you why…

One busy Friday, I was making a quick stop at the grocery store (actually TJs) to pick up a few things for a home made pizza party I was going to.  I was in a rush but got everything into my cart, to the cashier, friendly banter back and forth, was ready to head on my way, only to discover there was no wallet in my purse.    Cashier was great, I could cancel or suspend the transaction.  I elected to suspend so was heading home for money to pay for the items when a woman with a card in her hand stepped up and said – ‘I’ll pay it.  You help someone else next time.’  Pay it forward.  Wow.

What a thoughtful deed – she saved me 45 minutes in an already rushed evening.   Startled me into gratitude.  Slowed me down.  Made me think.  STILL makes me think.  For me it was a huge kindness.  It made me think of how that might feel to someone in a more dire situation.  A small gesture of thoughtfulness, of humanity.  Are we so rushed & busy that we don’t entertain such acts?  Give it a try – I know I certainly will.


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