Upcoming Somatic Meditation Classes


Somatic Meditation Series 1


Introductory Classes – Presently I am providing meditation classes to small groups for my corporate clients.  One of my clients is willing to let non-employee participants join the classes.  Their location is very centrally located downtown Seattle.  If you are interested in learning and experiencing this somatic approach to meditation, please give me a call at 206-369-7731 or send me an email at kirsten.roth@newpartners.net.

Community Classes

I am in search of a good location for community classes.  Details will be posted when arrangements have been made.   Please let me know of your interest by sending me an email:  kirsten.roth@newpartners.net.  Thanks!


About Somatic Meditation

For those new to the concept, somatic meditation provides a way to become more present and more aware of what is really going on around and within us. This technique takes our body as the fundamental arena of meditation practice. Rather than trying to develop meditation through our left-brain, thinking mind in a top down process, somatic meditation involves a bottom-up process where we connect with the inherent awareness that is in our body already.

We will cover many techniques that allow each of us to enter a quiet, calm, stress reduced state from many different points in our body.

For a standard five week series the cost is $75, cash, check or credit card are welcome.


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